Our Policies


We collect personal information from candidates, clients, suppliers, contractors and other parties. We comply with the National Privacy Principles of the Australian Privacy ACT 1988 and the Privacy Amendment Private Sector Act 2000. We collect this information for the purpose of operating our recruitment business. Our methods are fair and lawful.

Client company information is collected so that we can understand your business and find the best candidate for you.

Candidate personal information is collected so that we can present your details to prospective client companies that you may be interested in working for. We are open and transparent in all our dealings with everyone. Your information is fully secure and remains confidential and will be stored for a reasonable amount of time. You can request for your information to be deleted from our database at anytime and this will be done immediately. You can also advise us of any changes to your resume by contacting us or sending a new resume.


We take WHS seriously and our WHS policies and procedures protect any person that works with us, as an employee or contractor, in our office or onsite at a clients’ premises. We ensure our contractors are safely protected and work with our clients to ensure this. We adhere to the guidelines of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

We encourage an open, collaborative, safe and fair workplace where every person’s feedback is listened to and acted upon if it helps to improve our service to YOU


We support local communities, various charities and local government through training in job skills and volunteer work



Our EEO Policy applies to all people who deal with our company. We do not favour or discriminate against any person and encourage a diverse workforce for ourselves and our clients. All candidates are treated equally and with respect. We adhere to the guidelines of the Equal Employment Opportunity(Commonwealth Authorities) Act 1987


As we value our planet, we comply with environmental laws and regulations and do everything possible to reduce wastage. We work with companies that also reduce their carbon footprint as we do. We review this in our own company regularly and do everything possible each day to save water, energy and resources.

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