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covering a cover letter.

How to write a great cover letter for 2020.

It may be the silly season, but now is the best time to get your career organised for early 2020. Employers are looking for new staff right now to join their team in January!

Now is the prime time to perfect your cover letter and apply to impress employers.

  • Never use a generic cover letter. Whilst it's OK to use a template, make sure you write each cover letter to target that particular role.

  • Address each criteria. Read the job description carefully; each job will be looking for different skills so respond to each one in order and detail your experience.

  • Separate hard and soft skills. Hard skills are technical skills, for example Excel, MYOB or website design. Soft skills on the other hand include communication skills, attitude and work ethic. Both are equally important but don't get them mixed up.

Keep posted for our next week's blog - writing a good resume.

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