• Judy Acs

what the boss wants.

Three tips to help you stand out as a star candidate.

As we all know, today's job marketplace is very competitive. If you're a fresh graduate, the search can be even harder. So, what can you do in order to stand out from the pack?

  • Be prepared. Pretend that you are hiring someone for a job. What questions would you ask them? And what answers would you be hoping for? Write down the answers to these questions and practice them.

  • Check your facial expressions. Practice your answers in front of the mirror so that you can see what your facial expressions look like and how you appear to others. Are you too animated, or not interesting enough? Try to strike a happy, calm, medium.

  • KISS - keep it simple, stupid! When answering interview questions, stick to the point. Don't try to over-impress by giving long, complicated answers, because the boss can see right through it.

Keep posted for our next week's blog - writing a good cover letter!

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